Why Choose Countrytell?

Countrytell is fast

A fast internet connection is a necessity. The way we communicate, find information, do business, and live is fast. So your internet should be too.

Connecting is easy

  1. check your town’s coverage
  2. use your own Wi-Fi device: smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop
  3. choose your preferred plan and you are away.

Data is unlimited and pricing is fixed and affordable

All our wireless broadband plans offer unlimited data (downloads and uploads). Our flexible plans include pre-paid; month-to-month; or choose a contract which reduces your installation cost.

Tailor your plan for your needs

Your plan can include:

  • Multiple devices online, at the same time, on the one account
  • High speed internet connection at home, and anywhere else within a Countrytell coverage area.  Whether it’s you, your kids, or your sales staff, you can all connect with smart devices whilst out and about – on a single plan.
  • Wi-Fi accounts with no contract terms, ranging from $10.00 to $68.00 per month – all with unlimited data.
  • You, your visitors, and visitors to your town will also have free Wi-Fi access to the internet.

You are in control

There are no hidden charges or expenses – unlimited data means your wireless services are at a fixed cost.

It’s wireless

You can connect almost anywhere and enjoy all the benefits of high speed broadband internet without being pinned down by wires.

You can connect to the internet via your Countrytell account in any Countrytell town.

Our new generation Wi-Fi is high quality with advanced features to:

  • receive IPTV video
  • browse the internet
  • make a VoIP, which means ‘voice over internet protocol’, or Skype call

Data traffic is prioritised individually and correctly – this quality is a core advantage for Countrytell users.

Our services are also available in metro areas with the same country approach to quality.

What about the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (the NBN), is a wholesale internet network with the potential to improve broadband for many Australians. It will be rolled out by the Australian Government across Australia during the next decade.

Countrytell will complement the NBN with the added advantage of delivering high speed services now.

The technical details

Countrytell WiFi offers a throughput capacity of 600Mbps or unprecedented performance of 150Mbps over distances of 300m between nodes when meshed. We support Active Directory, LDAP and Radius authentication, and recommend WPA2-AES encryption.

The Smart WiFi Broadband Access System is a complete end-to-end solution for last-mile access based on WiFi IEEE802.11n and adaptive beam forming.

Countrytell is a social enterprise

After building our own infrastructure throughout regional Australia, we’re able to bring high-quality, high-speed broadband and communications services to communities who have for too long gone without.

Our social enterprise values drive our mission to deliver communications services to regional Australia to grow economic and social development for your community’s benefit.

With Countrytell high-speed broadband access you can download, upload, search, and share simply and swiftly, with services second to none.