Business Wireless Internet

The best way to connect your business

Countrytell’s Fixed Wireless Network connects businesses to the world with business-grade, high speed internet access with both symmetric and asymmetric upload and download speeds, cost effectively. Our carrier-class design, with an MPLS core supports quality of service, providing security and reliability.

Your business is connected to the world by a Countrytell radio transceiver on your building; this then connects to the Countrytell Fixed Wireless network via a high speed wireless backbone.

The transceiver connects to your network as Ethernet for connection to any computer, firewall, router or other Ethernet device. The users on your network simply plug in as per normal, and enjoy fast symmetrical connectivity without the lag of contention associated with DSL, or the cost of fibre.

Applications for Business

  • High speed Internet access
  • Voice over IP telephony
  • Streaming video
  • Enterprise applications for video conferencing
  • Video surveillance
  • Secure Virtual Private Networks
  • Critical link redundancy options
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple high bandwidth applications across long distances
  • Wireless convergence of IP-based applications


  • Wimax Asymmetric Access speeds of  12/1Mbps, 12/4Mbps or 15/5Mbps
  • Unimax Symmetric Access speeds of 100Mbps and above
  • Static IP Address
  • Class of service (cos)
  • Near real time traffic (NRT)

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