Public Cloud Access

The smart way to get to the cloud

Seamlessly connect your private infrastructure to your public cloud resources with high-performance cloud architecture.


Cloud connectivity designed with simplicity in mind

FlexiPort Cloud Access enables your business to connect seamlessly to public and private cloud providers.

Your offices, data centre or IP-WAN can now connect directly to your preferred cloud providers over the FlexiPort fabric via Megaport.

Streamlined Setup

Forget about complex configurations and long phone calls - let us take the guesswork out of your cloud connectivity

Reliable and Consistent

FlexiPort is only available over high quality access technologies that support multi-vlan and honour QoS markings

Cost Effective

Match your network use to your cloud consumption with scalable connectivity - and only pay for what you need

Multicloud Connectivity

Mix and match your cloud applications by connecting to any or multiple of the world’s leading providers and accessing best-of-breed services.

Want to get closer to the Cloud?

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Business Grade Connectivity Options