Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre with Countrytell gives your business complete control and unprecedented security with a dedicated physical connection between you and your mission-critical data and applications.

Dark Fibre solutions are cost effective and future proof, giving your Business the ability to choose the transmission technology you want to use and the flexibility to upgrade as newer higher-capacity systems become available.

Countrytell Dark Fibre solutions are hard spliced end-to-end with no intervening active equipment. It can carry virtually unlimited bandwidth, limited only by the equipment installed on each end of the service.

The Dark Fibre Difference
Experience the difference with Countrytell Dark Fibre

Full Control

Once your Dark Fibre service is provisioned, you have the choice of how to connect it and what equipment to use

Private and Secure

Each fibre pair is dedicated to you and provides physical separation from any other service. Anything that traverses your network is completely private

Local and Experienced

Countrytell is the only truly Newcastle based telco.
The team have over 50 year’s experience as previous owners and operators of both Ipera and Hunterlink


Supports all the major technologies and provides you the ability to adopt new technologies as your needs change

Other Business Grade Connectivity Options

Time to upgrade?

If you've been thinking about upgrading your business connectivity, or you're struggling to achieve your goals with poor bandwidth - get in touch with us and learn about what's possible on our state-of-the-art infrastructure