Frequently Asked Questions

Usage & Spend Management

Countrytell customers with a metered connection can view Internet usage online via the customer portal.
All Countrytell Residential fixed wireless and Business nbn plans include unlimited data, meaning you don't have to worry about excess data charges.

A High Definition Skype video call (based on recommended bandwidth) will utilise 660MB of data per hour.

A default Youtube stream (480p) will utilise 240MB of data per hour, or a high definition (1080p) stream will utilise 750MB of data per hour.

Similarly, a low quality Netflix stream will utilise 250MB of data per hour, while a high quality stream will utilise 1GB of data per hour.
Countrytell customers with a voice service can view voice usage online via the customer portal.

You may request that we block outbound Domestic and/or International calls, or set a daily or monthly credit limit. Exceeding this limit will result in temporary restriction of outbound phone calls.

Similarly, Countrytell set daily International spend limits for all customers to help mitigate the risk of toll fraud. We block calls to some destinations which are known to be regular toll fraud targets.

Account Security

When you signup with Countrytell, you will be provided credentials to the Countrytell customer portal. You should store these credentials in a safe place, and not share them with anybody else. You are able to change your account password via the customer portal. While its important that the password is memorable to you, it should not be easy to guess for others (Ie. Your date of birth, phone number, or pets name).

To help protect your privacy, when you call Countrytell we will ask a series of questions to identify that you are the account holder or an authorised contact.

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