Countrytell FlexiPort

The new way of buying telco services

FlexiPort allows you to purchase a link large enough for your total capacity needs and enables you to “carve up” that capacity for a range of needs such as Internet, IP WAN, Voice, Video or Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
FlexiPort can be delivered over not only our own “On-Net” links, but also via Countrytell 3rd party providers including nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.
FlexiPort is “open”- you can access not only our other services, but also any service that is available on Megaport, IX Australia, and Equinix, as well as a range of companies directly on the Countrytell network.

“The flexibility of our Countrytell solution combined with the ability to talk directly to the engineers to design and implement the solution is something you cannot get from a big telco. Leveraging local partnerships to support national business, Countrytell is quite similar to Umwelt and partnering with them perfectly suited to our operations.”


Single access tail can be carved up into multiple service types. These can be varied or changed with short notice and minimal cost.

Reliable and Consistent

FlexiPort is only available over high quality access technologies that support multi-vlan and honour QoS markings

Cost Effective

Having a single access tail with multiple services provides the ultimate in cost effectiveness


The FlexiPort family of products includes advanced options such as FlexiPort SDN and FlexiPort SDN Edge. The option of High Availability FlexiPort Access is offered in most locations.

Build on state of the art infrastructure

Our state of the art Cisco core network delivers optimal performance and reliability and puts us in control of the service from end to end.
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Service options may incur additional charges – please contact us for more information regarding availability and associated costs

FlexiPort Service Options

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