Umwelt - A Case Study

Umwelt Environmental & Social Consultants provides high quality environmental and social services, tailored to the needs of their regional, national and international clients. Umwelt is a national consultancy comprised of a team of environmental professionals and support staff with a passion for creating effective and innovative solutions to environmental and social issues.

Umwelt has over 27 years of experience and insight gained from more than 5000 projects. They have an excellent track record for successfully managing complex multidisciplinary and specialist studies for major strategic and development projects. Their approach, skills, and experience assist businesses, government organisations and communities to improve environmental planning and performance.

Unwelt Environmental and Social Consultants

"The flexibility of our Countrytell solution combined with the ability to talk directly to the engineers to design and implement the solution is something you cannot get from a big telco. Leveraging local partnerships to support national business, Countrytell is quite similar to Umwelt and partnering with them perfectly suited to our operations."

- Noel Turner, Umwelt Australia IT Systems Architect

Business Need

To ensure DR capacity for live data in Microsoft 365 public cloud as well as protected ongoing archival storage, whilst meeting geo-location and data sovereignty requirements as the data needs of the their business grows; consistent and reliable connectivity to their service support partner, SaberVox, was an essential element of Umwelt’s operations in Teralba.

Umwelt had an existing Countrytell FlexiPort Access over nbn Enterprise Ethernet service connected to this site, with 100% of bandwidth dedicated to business internet. Their service support partner, SaberVox had a local point of presence in Countrytell’s Newcastle Data Centres and was also connected to Countrytell’s FlexiPort fabric.


Through the flexibility and simplicity of FlexiPort, Umwelt was able to dedicate a portion of their Countrytell FlexiPort over NBN Enterprise Ethernet to connect directly to their service support partner Sabervox, for private cloud backup services of their public cloud data.

This FlexiPort Option has apportioned 25% of their bandwidth, to deliver uncongested bandwidth between Umwelt and the SaberVox managed infrastructure. By doing so, Umwelt can ensure that fluctuations in their business internet use does not impact the reliability and consistency of the connection to their business-critical public cloud services whilst maintaining DR and near-line archival storage.


Umwelt’s FlexiPort Access solution gives them the flexibility to change their solution over time. The apportioning of bandwidth can be changed easily to support initial seed or data recovery operations, or adjusted on a more permanent basis as required to ensure consistency and reliability remains.

Additional FlexiPort options for services such as voice, private networking including equipment co-location, managed rack space can be added over time and delivered over the same single FlexiPort Access port that Umwelt has in place – giving them total flexibility to scale and change their network as their business operations require.

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