Unlimited Business Ready nbn™
from $104.50 per Month.

nbn™ thats built for business, not for Netflix.


Available via the nbn™ FTTP, FTTC, FTTN and Fixed Wireless network.


Built for Business means no school holiday slow down.

BYO or Managed

Managed equipment options help keep your business online.

The Countrytell nbn™ difference.

nbn™ is the same no matter where you get it, right? Well, not necessarily. Countrytell only provide nbn™ for Business, we’ve left residential customers to deal with the likes of Dodo and TPG.

The thing that truly makes our nbn™ Business Internet different is our support team. Based in Newcastle, you’ll speak to an engineer who actually knows how the Internet works. Unlike some providers, Countytell won’t subject you to long on hold times listening to recorded messages about ‘how important your call is to us’ all the time knowing that if it really was important we’d answer the phone.

We closely manage and monitor utilisation across our nbn™ services to give you the performance you expect. If the NBN isn’t right for your business, we’ll suggest alternative technologies that may cost a bit more but will have a lower cost of ownership where consistent performance and reliability are vitally important.

Our High Availability product utilises both Countrytell’s own Wireless network and the NBN to minimise the risk of business impacting outages. Learn more here.

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Islington, NSW, 2296

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